Political arguments of gun politics in the United States

Political arguments of gun politics in the United States, debate about the right to bear arms, centers on the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and how it should be interpreted. Political arguments about gun rights fall into two basic categories, first, does the government have the authority to regulate guns? And second, if the government does, whether public policy can effectively regulate guns, or not. Those are the first few lines of the wiki article. The last few years have bought with it an increase in gun crimes and violence in the U.S., school shootings, workplace shootings etc. Some people say that it is because of that amendment, that gun crimes and murders in the U.S cant seem to go down

The discussion page in the article talks about the NPOV issues within the article, this one guy said that the author leaned more toward supporting the 2nd amendment rather than having a neutral point of view. Someone else said that even the titles of the subsections are POV.